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     it’s all about the thinking process. My first goal is to bring all the perspective become one, so that the goals doesn’t be grey or ambiguity, and the second is to come up with a solution-based design approach, so that we achieve the business needs.

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     Hey Hi, thank God you Safety landed on here!

     Well, I’m Eldad Baltaszar an interactive designer and dad-joke specialist whoo not talk too much but laugh too much, with 4+ years Experience as a designer I learnt many stuffs from here to there especially my dad-jokes well improved.

     well, let’s get be real, I’m satisfied with my position as visual designer and motion designer in Fleava, a lead digital agency in Indonesia. But I’m open with make sense opportunity to help you in terms of my capability.

     anyway for your information to keep it update, in my spare time I code, design and doing a fun experiment on 4D, because I’m born with curiosity and creativity. Those things make me always eager to learn and explore what things are possible to be connected to make life simply better.

     I believe curiosity and creativity are heavily associated with all aspects of human development, in which derives the process of learning and desire to acquire knowledge and skill. Thank you for reading all this information, btw once you know me you never regret it I Guarantee you!

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